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Sr. Fernando

It was Mr. Fernando, loyal keeper of our olive trees since 1975, who started drawing the “A"s adjacent to the "M"s on our tree trunks. The initials “MA” stand for our grandfather’s name, “Mário Araujo”, and we still use them to seal our olive oil bottles to this day.

Sr. Fernando

A true expert in all the qualities that make an outstanding olive oil, Mr. Fernando carefully prepares “Metáfora” in the olive oil press of “Prolagar” in Mirandela. Harmonizing the respect for tradition with the most recent market demands, Mr. Fernando is capable of extracting an olive oil that fully represents the pride, the authenticity and the wisdom of the “Transmontano” people.

Sr. Fernando

Always ready for a good chat, Mr. Fernando walks through our olive groves every single day, with his dogs and sheep as companions, having inevitably become the faithful keeper of our lands. The sheep indulge on the wild grass, free from any herbicides and pesticides, that grows freely and peacefully in our fields.